Grizzly Dog Super Treat Pea Kelp 5Oz


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GRIZZLY CRUNCHY TRAINING TREATS are nutritious, bite-size treats that are perfect for rewarding good behavior while training your dog.

These treats are made with natural ingredients that are packed with valuable nutrients that support hair and skin growth, hormonal balance, muscle maintenance, and physical endurance.

Grizzly Crunchy Training Treats include no grains or filler ingredients that can sometimes make treats hard to digest. This bag comes with 5 ounces of salmon, green pea, and kelp treats- but there is also a Smoked Salmon flavor available. These treats are perfect for rewarding your dog after a job well done or just as a simple treat to pamper your pooch- so order a bag today!

  • All-natural ingredients create palatable taste and crunchy texture
  • Bite-size, 6-calorie treats are perfect for training
  • 5 oz bags available in two flavors: salmon and green pea & kelp


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