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Grannicks Bitter Apple Dabber Top Bottle For Cats 4oz

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Protect your home furniture from pets with Grannick's Bitter Apple Spray for Cats. This product is the ideal way to prevent your lovable animals from chewing on items around the home. Grannick's Bitter Apple Taste Deterrent comes in an easy-to-store 8 oz bottle. A sponge applicator tip makes it easy for you to dab the solution as opposed to spraying it. This product is ideal to use on cats, but it may be used on dogs as well. Grannick's Bitter Apple for Cats comes with a resealable cap to keep the dabber from drying out and becoming damaged.

  • Also deters pets from chewing furniture
  • 8 oz Pet Dabber
  • Grannick's Bitter Apple Taste Deterrent has a sponge applicator tip
  • Ideal to use on pets that do not like sprays
  • Primarily used for cats but can be used for dogs