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Ethical Whiskins Felt insect Catnip Assorted

Regular price $2.95

If your cat’s been bugging you for a new toy, get her an Ethical Pet Whiskins Felt Insect & Catnip Cat Toy. These cool insect toys are made of claw-somely soft tennis ball felt with streamers for added movement and interest. Catnip and a jingle bell seal the deal for a madcap frenzy of play—your sweet baby will positively bug out over this excellent toy!

  • Soft tennis ball felt feels great on cat claws and hooks easily for tossing and catching games.
  • Streamers and a jingle bell add excitement and fun to the chase.
  • Catnip in this toy gets meow-buds all riled up.
  • Lightweight toy flies far and fast for batting and toss games.
  • Cute buggy toys come in four assorted insect shapes and colors. Each order ships with one toy chosen at random for a fun surprise!