Ethical Tie Dye Roller Ball Assorted 6in

Ethical Pet Products

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Wheel your way into your fur-bud’s heart with the Ethical Pet Tie Dye Roller Ball Cat Toy. This colorful plastic toy incorporates feathers, springs and a bell for lots of frenzied movement and tinkly noise. It rolls erratically to keep felines guessing, and its larger six-inch size makes it great for single and multi-cat play. Your furry sweetie will stay entertained for hours when you get her this lovely feathery toy. In assorted colors—each toy ships individually in a color chosen at random for a fun surprise!

  • Colorful toy in fun pastels will keep your fur-baby playing for hours.
  • Uses feathers, a spring, a plastic wheel and a bell to create a frenzy of movement for your cat.
  • Cats love to bat this wacky toy around and chase it.
  • Catnip inside gets cats extra-interested in playing.
  • Comes in three assorted bright colors. Each order will contain one toy in a surprise color chosen at random.

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