Ethical Tie Dye Plush Cat Toy Assorted 5in

Ethical Pet Products

Regular price $3.95

Your purr-bud will totally trip out over these groovy Ethical Pet Tie Dye Plush Cat Toys. Brightly colored and furry all over, these wacky playthings feature dangly bits, catnip and a bell for excellent playtime fun. Cats love to bat these toys around and carry them like prey—they’re great for toss and catch interactive play, too! Each order ships with one furry toy in a design chosen at random—see which one you get!

  • Wildly colorful furry toys make cats super playful.
  • Catnip and a bell amp up the fun times.
  • Great for solo cat play or interactive play with humans!
  • Larger 5-inch toy works well for hug and kick play, too.
  • Comes in three wacky, furry styles. Each order ships with one toy chosen at random for a fun surprise!

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