Ethical Tie Dye Jingle Tube Assorted 7in

Ethical Pet Products

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Give your kitty a totally tubular time with Ethical Pet Tie Dye Jingle Tube Cat Toys. These bright and colorful plastic cylinder toys have feathers that flop around erratically as they roll. The exciting movement gets cats really playing and a bell inside adds to the fun! Catnip keeps your meow-buds coming back for more, while the larger size makes these toys great for multi-cat play, too. In assorted colors that ship randomly when you order.

  • Wild and wacky rolling feather toy get cats super excited.
  • Toy rolls erratically to keep kitties guessing.
  • Bell inside tinkles pleasantly during play.
  • Catnip brings all the amped-up fun.
  • Each order ships with one 7-inch toy in a randomly chosen color. See which one you get!

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