Ethical Spot Hug'N Kick Corki with Catnip Assorted Cat Toy 8in

Ethical Pet Products

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The Ethical Pet Hug'N Kick Corkies & Nip Cat Toys were designed specifically for hug and kick play—that fun thing cats do where they hug a toy and claw it furiously with their back paws. With long 8-inch bodies and fluttery feather tails, these Corkies come in three fun animal shapes with catnip added for a kickin’ good time! Each order ships with one toy in an animal character chosen at random for a fun surprise!

  • Extra-large toy works wonderfully for hug and kick play.
  • All-natural cork feels great when cats sink their claws into it.
  • Feathers and felt accents add interest and movement during play.
  • Irresistible catnip keeps your fur-ball coming back for more.
  • Each order comes with one animal toy in a style chosen at random—see which one you get!

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