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Ethical Spot Fun Food Frozen Yogurt Dog Toy 4in

Regular price $2.95

Get your pet a fur-ozen treat she can’t resist with the Ethical Pet Fun Food Frozen Yogurt Dog Toy. Everybody loves fro-yo, and this expressive plushie dog toy might be the cutest one we’ve ever seen! Soft and squeaky and ever so easy to toss, this sweet indulgence has none of the calories but all of the fun. Available in two perfect serving sizes to fit sweetie pups large and small.

  • Your fur-bud will love her frozen yogurt just as much as you love yours.
  • The soft plush exterior makes this toy extra cuddly.
  • Squeaker inside keeps pups playing like crazy!
  • Lightweight and terrific for toss and fetch.
  • Available in 4-inch and 11-inch sizes for big sweeties and little ones.