Ethical Spot Corkies Teaser Wand with Catnip Assorted Cat Toy

Ethical Pet Products

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The Ethical Pet Corkies Teaser Wand & Nip Cat Toys let you play interactively with your cat for healthy fun and exercise. Made of claw-some natural cork with fabulously fluttery feathers and catnip, these toys come on a string attached to a wood wand so you can make them dance and dart around. Toys come in three assorted animal characters and each order ships with one wand and toy chosen at random—see which one you get!

  • Wand toys let you play and bond with your cat while keeping claws at safe arm’s length.
  • Made of all-natural cork, wood, feathers and string.
  • Cork toys feel great on claws and teeth.
  • Catnip and feathers entice kitties and make play more fun.
  • Each order ships with a wand and cork animal toy chosen at random for a fun surprise!

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