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Ethical Spot Butterfly & Mylar Wand Assorted Cat Toy

Regular price $3.99

The Ethical Pet Butterfly & Mylar Wand Cat Toy takes everything cats love to chase and puts it on a string! Fluttering butterflies, mylar balls, curly ribbons and fluffy feathers will help you string your kitty along for some truly epic playtime! A handy teaser wand keeps excited claws away from your hands and lets you make these fabulous toys dance and race across the room. In various assorted colors, each order ships with a wand in a color scheme chosen at random for a fun surprise!

  • This irresistible teaser wand will entice your meow-baby into lots of fun interactive play sessions.
  • Various toys strung together combine various fluttering and streaming elements with shiny, crinkly mylar for a multi-sensory good time.
  • Wand keeps cats from accidentally clawing you during play.
  • Drag it along the floor or through the air for exciting movement your sweetie will love.
  • Each order comes with one wand in a color chosen randomly—see which one you get!