Ethical Snuggler Bones/Paws Print Blanketcream 30X38

Ethical Pet Products

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The snuggle is real with the Ethical Pet Snuggler Bones/Paws Print Dog Blanket, Cream. This cozy blankie brings comfort and security at home and away. Use it on furniture, pet beds, crates or in the car to help your pup feel calm and secure even in stressful situations. Machine washable blanket features a cute paw and bone print, comes in two sizes and is a great way to keep pet hair off furniture and car seats, too!

  • Ultra-soft blanket provides warmth and security for your dog.
  • Cute paw and bone print in neutral colors matches most décor and signals to others that this is the dog’s blanket.
  • Keeps hair off furniture and makes pet beds and crates a whole lot comfier.
  • Easy to take anywhere to make your pup feel at home in unfamiliar situations.
  • Machine washable blanket comes in 30 X 40 inch and 40 X 60 inch sizes.

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