Ethical Skinneeez Tugs Forest Raccoon 23in

Ethical Pet Products

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The Ethical Pet Skinneeez Tugs Forest Racoon Dog Toy combines the fabulous floppiness of a stuffing-free plush with the ropey goodness of a tug toy. A looped handle gives you a good grip during tug games, while rope laced throughout helps this raccoon handle all the pulling. A squeaker inside brings lots of noisy fun, while the stuffing-free design keeps your house nice and tidy. Great for toss games, fetch, solo play, and tug of war, this 23-inch toy works best for medium to large dogs.

  • Soft plush raccoon makes a nice snuggle buddy for your dog.
  • Rope laced throughout lends strength to this toy during tug games and chewing.
  • Looped rope handle helps you hang on comfortably during tug of war.
  • Stuffing-free design makes this toy extra floppy and won’t leak toy guts all over the house.
  • 23-inch long toy is ideal for medium and large fur-buddies.