Ethical Skinneeez Tugs Chipmunk Mini 14in

Ethical Pet Products

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The Spot Chipmunk Dog Toy offers a fun and cute way for beloved pets to play. This pet product has a durable braided rope that runs through the entire toy. This unique design helps to ensure this toy lasts through lots of play and is durable. This Skinneeez dog toy chipmunk is built to handle chewing, pulling and biting. The rope design features a loop that makes it ideal for owners to hold or dogs to grip with their teeth. This allows for the toy to be used for tug of war play. It can also be used to play catch or to just keep your pet entertained while you're away. The stuffing-free dog toys also ensure that there's no mess when dogs shake, bite or tear the toy.

  • Chipmunk designed toy
  • Squeak toy inside the animal
  • Braided rope for tug of war play
  • Skinneeez dog toys make for neat play

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