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Ethical Rockin' Cat Scratcher 10in

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Rock and roll takes on a whole new meaning with Ethical Pet’s Rockin’ Cat Scratcher. This interactive cat toy will keep your feline busy for hours with its unique features. The circular design has a channel that goes all the way around and houses an LED light-up ball. As your cat pushes the ball along the moat, it flashes to encourage her to keep playing. This toy can either lay flat, or you can attach the included “wobbler” to the bottom, so it can rock back and forth. To top it all off, the Rockin’ Cat Scratcher contains catnip and has a replaceable scratching pad in the center.

  • Designed to keep your cat busy with an included LED light-up ball that flashes on contact.
  • Lays flat or can wobble back and forth with the included part that attaches on the bottom.
  • The cat scratcher is replaceable and grooved to satisfy your cat’s scratching desires.
  • Features a moat for the ball, so your cat can push it around for hours of play.
  • This toy encourages your indoor cat to stay active, while the scratching pad helps to keep your furniture safe from scratching.