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Ethical Products Spot Twin Plush Mice Rattle & Catnip Cat Toy 2-pack

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Your cat will feel like a glamorous crimefighter when you get him the Ethical Pet Twin Miami Mice Plush Cat Toys. This two-pack contains two furry black and white mouse toys your cat will pursue like notorious kingpins. Their noisy rattle will lead your fluffy baby right to the source of the smuggled catnip! Kitties canā€™t resist the allure of these enticingly fuzzy Miami Mice.

  • Black and white mouse toys your cat will adore.
  • They come in a two-pack so you can have a multi-mouse party.
  • Catnip inside brings all the drama to the mouse chase scene.
  • Noisy rattlers get kitties fired up during play.
  • 4.5-inch mice are just the right size for tossing and chasing around.