Ethical Products Spot Slotted Balls 4pk

Ethical Pet Products

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Inspire a playful spirit among your feline friends with the Slotted Balls Cat Toy from Ethical Pet. This purr-fect pack includes four, multi-colored, slotted balls with a jingle bell inside. Your cat will love stalking, batting and capturing her prey—just like her ancestors. Indulging in that natural behavior may help to prevent boredom and frustration, and can even dodge common behavioral issues. And there are so many ways to play! Scatter the colorful spheres on the floor, use them in an interactive toy, or simply hide them around the house. These lively toys are sure to purr-lease!

  • Interactive, colorful balls were made with bells inside to entice your kitty with a lively sound and rattling movement.
  • Pack comes with four multi-colored toys—your cat will have multiple jingle balls to entertain herself, and you'll be able to keep track of them, thanks to their distinct colors.
  • Those bright colors will be easy to see and might be less-likely to cause human slips and falls.
  • Jingling sound holds her attention by simulating noisy prey and further encouraging her instincts.
  • Encouraging her hunting instincts may avoid boredom, restlessness and behavioral issues—hide these around the house to provoke her desire to hunt.

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