Ethical Products Spot Skinneeez Plus Duck 15in

Ethical Pet Products

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For a toy that won’t “quack” under pressure, try the Ethical Pet Skinneeez Plus Duck Dog Toy. This duck features a full body squeaker that keeps squeaking even when punctured, with a stuffing-free construction that can’t leak stuffing everywhere—even after tears. Designed to hold up even under ruff conditions, this magnificently floppy duck toy works great for tossing, shaking and fetch. The 15-inch length is ideal for small to medium dogs, while the soft plush exterior makes it great for cuddles.

  • Skinneeez Plus duck toy features a full-body squeaker that keeps on squeakin’ even after punctures.
  • Stuffing-free design keeps your house clean and helps this toy last.
  • Two-piece rubber interior and no-stuffing construction make this toy nice and floppy for hunting-inspired play.
  • Soft plush exterior helps this duck be a great snuggle toy, too.
  • 15-inch ducky works great for small and medium dogs.

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