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Ethical Products Spot Silent Dog Whistle

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Train your fur-pal like a pro with the Ethical Pet Silent Dog Whistle, Solid Brass. This handy whistle helps you command your dog during and after training with supersonic tones only canines can hear. Adjustable frequencies let you use different pitches for different commands—dogs will learn these and repeat desired behaviors whenever they hear the right pitch. Well-trained buddies are happy buddies, and this whistle lets you train and command your buddy without lots of yelling or barked orders.

  • An essential training device for training your good buddy.
  • Solid brass construction makes this whistle durable and effective.
  • Small size and keychain holder lets you easily take it anywhere.
  • Adjustable pitch lets you signal different commands .
  • Ultrasonic whistle can be heard by dogs but is completely silent to humans.