Ethical Products Spot Shaggy Plush Giant Mouse Rattle & Catnip Cat Toy

Ethical Pet Products

Regular price $2.95

Get your cat this enor-mouse Ethical Pet Plush Mouse & Rattling Noise Cat Toy for a gigantically good time. At 4.5 inches, it’s big, fluffy and full of rattles and catnip for your happy kitty to enjoy. Cats just love to stalk, chase, hug and kick this big mousey. Watch your normally docile sweetie go nutso for this fun new friend!

  • Giant realistic mouse toy works great for hug and kick play.
  • Extra fuzzy fur adds realism and makes this mouse a good cuddle pal.
  • Rattler inside the mouse makes fun noises when cats bat it around.
  • Contains catnip, which brings cats extra joy.
  • Ships with one big furry mouse for your little predator to befriend.

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