Ethical Products Spot Shaggy Plush Ferret Rattle & Catnip Cat Toy

Ethical Pet Products

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Ferret out feline boredom with the Ethical Pet 5-in Noisy Plush Ferret Cat Toy. This large shaggy plush ferret contains a noisy rattler and captivating catnip for a purr-fectly fun time. Cats love to chase and pounce on this fuzzy ferret, and at five inches long it’s large enough to hug and kick! Help satisfy your fur-ball’s natural feline instinct to hunt and play with this fluffy ferret friend.

  • Plush toy works great for cats who prefer larger playthings.
  • Cats enjoy the fun rattle noise this ferret makes.
  • Catnip inside the toy gets meow-buds super excited.
  • Catnip inside the toy gets meow-buds super excited.
  • Five-inch toy is the perfect size for hug and kick play or stalk and chase games.

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