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Ethical Products Spot Rattle Clatter Mouse With Catnip Assorted

Regular price $3.95

Get your good kitteh a big ol’ mouse with the Ethical Pet Rattle Clatter Mouse & Catnip Cat Toy. This large two-color plush mouse has floppy ears and a stringy tail your cat will love chasing around. With euphoria-inducing catnip and a super fun rattler, this mega-mouse will keep your fluffy predator occupied for hours! Comes in a two-pack for twice the fun.* Available in three different colorways—order and see which one you get!

  • This mouse is large and in charge for a big bold good time.
  • Colorful two-tone mouse has floppy ears and a long tail that give cats lots of stuff to latch onto.
  • Catnip inside makes playtime extra exciting.
  • Mouse makes a rattling noise that gets meow-buds riled up during play.
  • Activate your house panther’s natural hunting instinct!