Ethical Products Spot Plush Mice Rattle & Catnip Cat Toy 2-pack

Ethical Pet Products

Regular price $5.98

Every kitty needs lots of mice to play with, and Ethical Pet Smooth Plush Mice Cat Toys fit the bill perfectly. These plush little mice have smooth fur, rattles and catnip inside to make playtime a great time for your fur-baby. Their two-inch size makes them perfect for tossing and batting, while their furry tails make perfect handles for carrying. Each order comes with two mice, so you’ll always have a backup rodent on hand.

  • Plush mouse toys have furry tails and smooth fur.
  • Rattlers inside make noise during play.
  • Catnip helps get the party going.
  • Two-inch mice are just the right size for batting games and catch.
  • Each pack comes with two mice in different colors.

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