Ethical Products Spot Plush Jittery Mouse Assorted 3in

Ethical Pet Products

Regular price $6.95

Get playtime really shakin’ with the Ethical Pet Plush Jittery Mouse Cat Toy. This three-inch furry mouse toy shakes and shivers when you pull its tail. Cats love to see their “prey” come alive and will go wild when they see this little mousey shake! It doesn’t need batteries and works great as a regular mouse toy when you’re not around to pull its tail. A great all-around toy for happy housecats.

  • Three-inch mouse toy is just the right size for batting and tossing.
  • Activates the natural hunting instinct in your feline.
  • Jittery mouse vibrates when you pull its tail to excite your fur-baby.
  • Requires no batteries for operation.
  • Cats love the soft furriness of this mouse.

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