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Ethical Products Spot Mini Teaser Wands Assorted

Regular price $3.95

Cast a spell over your favorite fur-ball with the Ethical Pet Mini Teaser Wands Cat Toys. This 12-inch teaser wand suspends an enticing catnip toy from a bungee string--your cat will love to chase it! Whip it around in the air, drag it slowly across the floor, or try bouncing it to get your meow-buddy playing wildly. It combines the thrill of a string toy with the joy of chasing some colorfully furry, feathery prey. You can even switch out the teaser toy for another for a different kind of thrill!

  • Mini wand toy is easy to wield for fun interactive play with your feline.
  • Go cat-fishing and catch yourself a riled-up feline.
  • Colorful toy on the end of the string has fur, feathers and catnip for wild and crazy fun.
  • Teaser toy can be changed out for another to switch things up.
  • Bungee string makes the toy bounce and move excitingly.