Ethical Products Spot Mini Skinneeez Barnyard Series Chicken

Ethical Pet Products

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Help your cocky little buddy engage in some fowl play with the Ethical Pet Mini Skinneeez Chicken Dog Toy. This boneless chicken contains absolutely no stuffing, so it flops and hangs limply just like freshly captured prey! Dogs love to shake and toss this funky chicken around, and its two squeakers add even more fun to the game. Special 13-inch mini size makes this Skinneeez toy perfect for puppies and diminutive doggos of all ages.

  • Stuffing-free chicken flops around alluringly and activates the natural hunting instinct.
  • Two squeakers bring lots of noise to the chicken party.
  • Lightweight design makes it great for shaking, tossing and fetch.
  • No stuffing helps the toy last longer and keeps your house clean.
  • 13-inch size makes this toy perfect for small dogs and puppies.