Ethical Products Spot Lil Spots Plush Blanket Toys Assorted 7in

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Your pup will love to nap and play with her Plush Blanket Toy from Lil Spots. With a soft, baby blanket for a body and a squishable, squeakable head, this toy is perfect for small dogs and puppies to cuddle, snuggle and jiggle. It's equal-parts toy, equal-parts blanket! The paper built into the body makes an irresistible crinkling sound that your little one will love—you may see her shaking this toy around to get the fun going. Puppies need to feel soothed, just like human babies. That's why this blanket was designed to offer both comfort and light play! Plus, it's available in 3 characters that are shipped to you at random, for a fun surprise each time.

  • Unique plush toy is designed with a blanket body and a plush head—so it offers your companion both coziness and fun.
  • Blanket body is made of soft polyester and lined with crinkle paper. The unique sound may stimulate the instinct to shake prey, and entertain your pup.
  • Squeakers hidden in the plush head offer even more fun and hold the attention of your best bud.
  • No fuzz means no mess—without stuffing in the body, you won't be picking up fluff if things get a little ruff.
  • Ideal for new puppies or small dogs, this toy is designed for snuggling and light play.