Ethical Products Spot Lattice Balls With Bell 4pk

Ethical Pet Products

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Your fluffy baby will come running whenever she hears the distinctive tinkle of the Ethical Pet Lattice Balls Plastic & Bell Cat Toys. These lightweight and eminently bat-able jingle balls are perfect for chasing and throw games with your sweetie. The latticed exterior lets cats see the jingly bell rattling around for extra interest and makes the balls easy to hook, pick up and throw with their claws. Each pack contains four balls in assorted colors, so your cat will always have plenty of fun on hand!

  • Lightweight plastic balls roll far when batted for exciting games of chase and toss.
  • Bells inside let you hear when your cat is playing and make playtime extra fun.
  • Lattice design lets cats see the bell inside and makes them easy to hook with claws.
  • Excellent for interactive games with your cat.
  • Balls come 4-packs of variously colored jingly lattice balls.

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