Ethical Products Spot Kitty Yarn Puffs 4-pack

Ethical Pet Products

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Get some fluffballs for your little ball of fluff with the Ethical Pet Kitty Yarn Puffs Small Balls Cat Toys. These brightly multicolored fuzzballs are super soft and lightweight for excellent throwing and batting fun. Cats love to hook their claws into these and toss them in the air! Fuzzy polyester yarn balls will become an instant favorite the second you take them out of the package. Comes in a four-pack, so you’ll always have enough yarn puffs to go around.

  • Super lightweight furry balls make great everyday toys.
  • Cats love to toss these in the air and bat them across the room.
  • Enhanced with catnip to drive your fuzzball wild.
  • Fun colors make these toys easy to find when your kitty bats them somewhere trick.
  • Ships in a four-pack of delightful fluffy faux fur kitty toys.

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