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Ethical Products Spot Jute & Feather Sack With Catnip

Regular price $2.95

Your cat will be all that and a bag of catnip with the Ethical Pet Jute & Feather Sack & Catnip Cat Toy. This cute toy looks like miniature “50 lb.” bag of catnip and contains—you guessed it—catnip for your furry connoisseur’s discriminating palate. A fun multi-colored feather adds interest to this toy, and its four-inch size makes it purr-ticularly bat-worthy and chase-able.

  • Cute toy looks like a mini burlap bag full of catnip.
  • Natural jute feels nice on claws and teeth.
  • Feather element adds a little sass.
  • Bag shape makes it great for batting around and throwing.
  • Contains catnip for all the happy kitty fun times.