Ethical Products Spot Fresco Dish Cat Blue 5in

Ethical Pet Products

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Show your kitty she's the real "big cheese" with this Fresco Cat Bowl. Great for water or your cat's favorite food, this durable and stylish bowl is made of sturdy ceramic, which means it’s perfect for everyday use and difficult for your rambunctious cat to knock over. Made to be as stylish as it is functional, the Fresco bowl features a glossy inside and a matte black outside, with painted mouse accents. Your cat probably won't recognize the painted mouse as her arch-nemesis, but it'll certainly add a little something special to your décor.

  • Made of ceramic, for a bowl that’s both durable and easy to clean.
  • Ideal for water, your BFF's favorite dry kibble, wet or raw foods.
  • Cute design fits seamlessly into any home, so it won't clash with your style.
  • Heavy bowl is harder for your pet to knock over, preventing spills and messes.
  • Comes in two, stylish colors—so you can pick the one that suits your furball's paw-sonality.

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