Ethical Products Spot Feather Boa Teaser Wand With Catnip

Ethical Pet Products

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Keep your kitty active with the Ethical Pet Feather Boa Cat Toy. Designed to help you bond with your pal through interactive swatting play, this wand comes in a variety of fun characters and colors. Best of all, your kitty will be pleased to find out that each character is packed with catnip for added excitement! The wispy feathers will keep your pal engaged, not to mention add much-needed exercise to his day. Great for indoor cats who need to keep moving, this cat toy activates your pal’s hunting instinct, so you can watch him whack, thump and pounce while you control the movement!

  • Activates your kitty’s prey instinct for rewarding playtime sessions.
  • The character is stuffed with catnip to entice your cat companion.
  • Adds much-needed exercise for your cat to keep him healthy, especially if he’s an indoor feline.
  • The plastic wand handle is comfortable to grip and easy for you to control.
  • The nylon teaser and plush toy with feathers will encourage your cat to engage in plenty of interactive play.

This item ships in a variety of fun and random colors!

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