Ethical Products Spot Colored Burlap Mice 3-pack

Ethical Pet Products

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Because three mice are thrice as nice as one, the Ethical Pet Burlap Mice Cat Toys come in a handy 3-pack. Your kitty will have plenty of mice to play with when you get her these burlap mouse toys. Discerning felines love the feel of burlap, which makes it easy to hook and toss these mice in the air, and stringy little mouse tails make these mice extra enticing. Catnip inside ramps up plays nicely so your cat will chase, bat and toss these around like a wild hunter stalking prey.

  • Every cat needs some good mouse toys.
  • Colorful mice come in a three-packā€”great for when your baby loses a few under the furniture.
  • Sturdy burlap material makes these mice easy to catch and throw.
  • Lightweight mice are just the right size for batting around and tossing.
  • Catnip inside makes these mice extra fun!