Ethical Products Spot Colored Burlap Balls 3-pack

Ethical Pet Products

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Rustic felines and city kitties alike will enjoy sinking their claws into the Ethical Pet Burlap Balls Cat Toys. This pack comes with three perfectly-sized 1.5-inch catnip balls that are lightweight and just wonderful to bat around. Cats love the slightly rough texture of the burlap, which makes it easy to hook and grip these balls with their claws. Great for throwing, batting and even fetch games with your fur-ball, these multicolored burlap balls are sure to garner some approving purrs.

  • Three 1.5-inch burlap balls make great everyday toys for your kitty.
  • Cats love the feel of natural burlap material.
  • Excellent for solo play or games of catch with your favorite feline.
  • Catnip inside makes cats extra playful.
  • Lightweight balls are easy to throw and bat around.


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