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Ethical Products Spot Animal Print Rattle With Catnip 2-pack

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Get your kitty a little rattled with the Ethical Pet Animal Print Rattle & Catnip Cat Toys. These perfectly-sized 4.5-inch toys feature rattlers and catnip for loads of excitement during play. In cute animal prints with fuzzy accents cats love, these toys are great everyday playthings for your little cutie. Each package comes with two toys in either ball, fish or mouse shapes. Order and see which shape you get for a fun surprise!

  • Cute little animal print toys look like fish, mice, or balls with furry accents.
  • Rattlers inside each toy make noises cats enjoy.
  • Made with catnip to ramp up your kitty’s playfulness.
  • 4.5-inch toys are just the right size for batting and tossing around.
  • Ships in packs of two randomly chosen shapes for a fun surprise!