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Ethical Clean Paws Mat Sage 31X20

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Protect your floors from doggie playtime muck with the Ethical Pet Clean Paws Dog Mat. Perfect for collecting dirt and water after outdoor fun sessions, this mat holds 10 times its weight in water and features looped microfibers that trap and contain dirt. Made of super absorbent microfiber with a non-skid back, this machine washable mat is a must-have for mudrooms and entryways in dog-friendly homes.

  • Highly absorbent microfiber mat traps dirt and water from adorably messy puppers.
  • Great for wet pups, muddy pups, and post-walk dusty pups. Park your furry buddy on here and brush or towel him off if he’s gotten messy outside.
  • Holds 10 times its weight in moisture to protect floors.
  • Non-skid backing keeps the mat in place for safety and cleanliness.
  • Available in 31- and 35-inch sizes, this mat is machine washable and should be hung to dry.