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Ethical Catnip Stick Compressed Catnip 12in

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The Ethical Pet Catnip Stick & Feathers Cat Toy is made of delightfully concentrated and compressed catnip with feathers on the end for extra fun. Cats love to gnaw on this potent catnip stick and then bat at the fluffy feather on the end. Gives your fur-baby more catnip with none of the loose catnip mess, for a fun time everyone will enjoy!

  • This cat toy is actually made of 100% compressed catnip for a cat-tastically concentrated good time.
  • Feathers on the ends make it extra fun to attack and bat around.
  • No loose catnip means no mess to clean up.
  • 12-inch length makes this toy great for hug and kick attacks, too.
  • Throw it for fun interactive play with your fur-baby.