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Ethical Cat-Bernet Cork Toy Assorted 5in

Regular price $3.99

If your meowy baby has been wine-ing for a new toy, serve up the Ethical Pet Cat-Bernet Cork & Feathers Cat Toy. Made from durable natural cork with colorful feathers for lots of movement and action, this toy will give your kitty hours of intoxicating fun. Great for batting, tossing and interactive play, it features a pleasantly tinkly bell both you and your fur-baby will enjoy. In three assorted colors, each order ships with one toy in a color chosen at randomā€”see which one you get!

  • Made from natural cork that feels nice when cats bite and claw it.
  • Feathers and a bell provide enticing movement and noise during play.
  • A great toy for kitties who like to bat their toys around and chase them.
  • Throw it for interactive toss and catch fun with your fur-buddy.
  • Each order ships with one 5-inch toy in a surprise color chosen at random.