Dog Doorbells for Door Knob, Adjustable and Durable, for Short and Tall Dogs


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Upgraded dog bells with adjustable length for either short or tall dogs. Has built-in 3 snaps/buttons for longer length adjustment. Or can be shortened, for shorter-built dogs and puppies.
  • Bells are made of premium quality material. The bell's outer surface is made of unique plating coating technology for a longer-lasting shine and resistance against rust. The bell's inner ball is made of premium stainless steel for a clear and crisp jingle sound.
  • Solid and Durable. The belt is made from heavy-duty nylon material and retested for durability. The connecting parts are well-made, solid, and reliable. The belt is sewn tightly and the bells and snap points are thickly made from premium material to withstand daily use and breakage.
  • Very convenient and easy to use for training your pup to learn to ring the bell when it wants to go outside.

How To Train Your Dog To Ring The Bell To Go Outside or Potty

STEP 1. Introduce the bell to your puppy. Let your puppy sniff it in order to learn more about it and get used to the sound of the bell. Paw or nose. Whatever your puppy picks up first. Arouse your puppy's interest by giving treats and show your appreciation when your puppy does a good job.

STEP 2. Ring the bell to show your puppy how it’s done. You need to religiously ask your puppy to “ring the bell” every time you take her outside. Every time your puppy rings the bell on her own, give her a treat. Reward her a second time after they finish going potty.

STEP 3. Place the bell on the doorknob or on our stainless steel hooks (you can stick the hooks on the door). Make sure that the bell is firmly attached so that it won't fall out by a simple tug or pull which might scare your puppy.

STEP 4: Repeat these steps as needed until your puppy knows to ring the bell to go out. Eventually, your puppy will associate ringing the bell with going outside. Do this over a week and your puppy will start ringing the bell to go outside. Let your puppy make it a habit.