Crazy Dog MINI Train-Me! Training Reward Dog Treats 3 Flavor Variety Bundle: (1) Bacon Flavor, (1) Chicken Flavor, and (1) Beef Flavor, 4 Oz. Ea. (3 Bags Total)

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  • Three 4 oz pouches have approximately 200 treats per bag
  • Meat is the first ingredient in each of the three flavors: bacon, chicken, and beef
  • Low fat and low calorie
  • No corn, soy, BHA, BHT, or Ethoxyquin
  • Made and sourced in the USA

Item Details:

Made with real meat, the taste dogs love best, Train-Me Reward Treats will have any dog begging for commands-from puppies to adults. The variety bundle includes bacon, chicken, and beef flavors. These super tasty dog treats are the perfect size for training your pet. Every treat is full of protein, added vitamins and nutrients and lots of flavor, something your dog just can't resist. So, get started on your training routine now with our Crazy Dog Train-Me Training Reward Dog Treats.


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