CQ Self Wash Wipes Assortment

Clr Quest

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Our expert merchandiser team has put together a great selection of high-quality, high-margin products. Kit 2 of the Grooming Section Kit, Wipes Assortment 24 Piece is the perfect add on for self-wash dog station or any grooming set!

  • Bath Wipes clean, condition, and remove pet dander, odor, and dirt.
  • Ear Wipes gently remove discharge and wax, minimize odor, and prevent infection
  • Eye Wipes safely remove tear stains and secretions
  • Dental Wipes are great for controlling bad breath.



Bath Wipe, 24Pk Bag Baby Powder, 6 bags

Bath Wipe, 24Pk Bag Fresh Pet, 6 bags

Ear Wipes, 24Pk Bag, 4 bags

Eye Wipes, 24Pk Bag, 4 bags

Dental Wipes, 24Pk Bag, 4 bags