CLIX No Bark Collar -Small


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The CLIX No-Bark collar is designed to stop unwanted barking. The collar features a microphone that detects barking and automatically emits either a sound or vibration to interrupt the dog's barking. The collar has been completely redesigned, not only in terms of aesthetics, but the functionality and software have also been improved. The ergonomic shape is comfortable for the dog to wear and the muted grey color, has a more subtle appearance. The Collar features the option to use either sound or vibration and has either two or three-level settings dependent on the size of the collar. The material collar is fully adjustable, for a correct and comfortable fit.

How Do You Adjust It?
The collar has two deterrent settings-either to vibrate or to emit a high pitched sound. Choose the one that the dog responds to best CLIX No-Bark collars also feature different levels of sensitivity, so you can adjust the noise threshold.
- The small No-Bark collar has 2 levels of sensitivity - low and high
- large No-Bark collar has 3 levels - low, medium, and high.

CLIX No-Bark Collars are a low-cost solution, cheaper than the alternative spray training collars. The collar straps on the units are adjustable over a wide range to ensure correct fit.

Small: Neck size 9.45" - 16.54"
Large: Neck size 14.96" - 29.13"

INCLUDES BATTERIES, these are low cost and easy to replace. The CLIX No-Bark Collars are NOT waterproof. Will not deter a dog from responding to home threats or from acting in territorial defense The CLIX No-Bark Collar comes in two sizes - small dogs 6- 22 pounds and large for dogs over 22 pounds. Affordable Lightweight Simple and easy to fit On/off switch 2 settings: vibrate & sound NO ELECTRIC SHOCKS! Item Weight: 1 pound.


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