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Bergan Hanging Pet Kennel Cup, 4-Cup

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  • Keep your best friend's food or water close at hand with the Bergan 4-Cup (32 oz) Kennel Cup
  • The stainless steel Kennel Cup is easy to clean, helping Pet Lovers keep any kennel tidy
  • The conveniently detachable hooks make it a snap to hang the hardy Kennel Cup in your pet's crate or quarters
  • A perfect bring-along dog refreshment accessory for road-trips, holiday travel, camping, plus when visiting family or friends

Item Details:

The perfect solution for breeders, groomers or pet owner. Used for feeding and watering. This bowl comes with a hanger to hang anywhere. Made for feeding multiple dogs with ease. Holds 4 cups food or water Handcrafted, long-lasting stainless steel Perfect for breeders, groomers or pet owners Clips to sides of home training crates & kennels.