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Atsko UV Killer Treated Blaze Orange Vest

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UV Killer Treated Blaze Orange Vest is seen as a shade of yellow by deer and other dichromate's while appearing as bright, blaze orange to the human eye. One size fits all.

Deer see untreated blaze orange as bright white. U-V-Killer kills the ultraviolet fluorescence glow on this blaze orange vest and increases the fade resistance of the high-visibility orange. It is sealed in a factory-applied fluorocarbon water and stain repellent to keep the U-V-Killer in place.

It allows you to be safe, legal, and still invisible to animals. This 600-sq. in. vest meets the Hunter Education Recommendations. Eliminates ultraviolet glow that game can see. Helps truly camouflage you from game. Still easy to see by humans. Weighs only 2 ounces. Keeps you safe and legal, but still camouflaged. Meets the Hunter Education recommendations.