Arm & Hammer Arm & Hammer Jumbo Laundry Bag

Arm & Hammer

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The Arm & Hammer brand has been trusted for generations, known for its unique benefits & powerful deodorizing capabilities. This innovative approach to laundry storage & organization incorporates those key features consumers have come to know and love. Bad odors can be trapped in textiles & fabric or develop over time, when garments are stored away for the season, the malodors often spread to other pieces stored with it. Infused with a naturally occurring silver technology, Arm & Hammer laundry organization eliminates odors on contact! crafted from a high-grade non-woven fabric, each piece provides compact & contemporary storage options for your favorite garments, shoes, & textiles while permanently eliminating odors on the spot. Whether you're separating your wardrobe must-haves while travelling or looking for odor-eliminating dorm room solutions, Arm & Hammer always delivers


Silver technology permanently eliminates odors on Contact
Extra large Size designed with easy transporting in mind
A dorm must-have
Contemporary non-woven, durable fabric designed to withstand the toughest odors imaginable
Machine washable & safe on skin
This is an aftermarket of generic part