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Metro Air Force Dryer Mount Bracket

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Hang your pet dryers wherever you need them with these Air Force® Dryer Mounting Brackets. Use two or three brackets to create a portable dryer-docking solution. This bracket works for most Air Force® models.

Air Force® Dryer Mounting Brackets allow you to easily mount your Air Force® Dryer under a table, counter top, or on a wall to keep it off the floor and out of your way. Bracket comes complete with screws to mount to tables and walls. Mount several mounting brackets in different locations to easily move dryer to between stations.

Bracket can be used on Air Force Stealth, Commander, Cage Master, and Blaster Dryers. Not compatible with Air Force Master Blaster Dryers.

Includes: Metal bracket (7h x 6 1/4"w); 4 1/4" metal screws with washers and nuts (for metal tables); 4 self-starting wood screws (for wood tables) and mollies for wall mounting.