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Casual Canine Two-Step Harnesses - 15"-25" X 5/8"" - Green (45)

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Our Casual Canine® Two-Step Harnesses provide comfortable but firm control of pets, without straining the neck. Made of durable nylon, in bright fashion colors.

The Casual Canine® Two-Step Harness goes on in two simple steps with no need to struggle with complicated buckles and straps. With only one quick-release buckle to attach, this harness goes on in a snap! Simply have the dog step in, pull up straps, and buckle!

  • Two leash rings used together provide extra security
  • No collar required
  • Ultra-bright colors offer a bold new style

Material: Nylon 

Sizing Guide: Measure the broadest part of the dog’s chest and add 2".

  • ⅜" Wide Harness fits chests 9"–15"
  • ⅝" Wide Harness fits chests 15"–25"
  • 1" Wide Harness fits chests 25"–40"


  1. Unfasten buckle on the back and help the dog step into the harness.
  2. Position D-rings together at top of the shoulders.
  3. Adjust neck and chest straps to fit snugly, but not too tightly.