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What Is The Best Dog Toy?

Posted by Tom Shannon on

What Is The Best Dog Toy?
"I was a shy, quiet kid. I was happiest playing by myself with my toys, rather than hanging around people." Christian Slater

Toys bring out the best in all of us and that includes our cherished pups in our homes. The unique power that a toy has to transform a pup into mischievous and funny creatures provide an emotional experience worth every dime and penny.

One of the first things I've observed that pet owners asked when shopping for the perfect toy is whether their pup will like the toy or not. Then after, they'll likely end up with a toy that they know well, like a braided rope toy, rubber ball, or a new toy with new features that make indiscreet sounds. However, some pet owners forget to realize that dogs, in general, have specific preferences for toys.

Rope Toys

Toys come in either plush (soft) or nylon (hard). If your pup prefers plush because they prefer to sink their teeth into it or tear things apart, plush toys are excellent. Some plush toys are made of heavy, fire hose materials or sewn together with multiple stitching that affords pet owners more bang for their buck with good durability. Then again, plush toys have their limitations. Plush toys aren't indestructible.

Soft Toys

On the other hand, if your pup prefers to chew on things you're probably better off buying them a rubber (hard) toy. Hard toys are made of materials that appeal to pet owners for their longer-lasting durability. If your dog has the teeth and jaws that can crack the toughest nut in minutes, you might consider getting your dog a toy made of hard, heavy and rubber ball like this Virtually Indestructible toy. For the most part, these toys can withstand the test of time and the ferocity of a dog's propensity to break things apart.

If you have a dog that is intelligent and highly motivated, offer a Puzzle toy that can challenge even the brightest dog. Puzzle toys enable dogs to hone in their curiosity for finding things, relying on their sense of sight or smell rather than on their impulses to tear things apart with their teeth. Many pet industry professionals find Puzzle toys to be excellent toys for training your dog to reduce chewing tendencies, treat boredom or lack of energy and correct other bad behaviors.

Puzzle Toys
The allure that toys have over dogs can be said about how we treat these toys. We can see ourselves awash with shock if things go wrong unexpectedly. Or, toys can make us happy when we see our dogs treat these toys with fun and excitement. If you're not sure which toy to get or can't find the perfect toy best suited for your dog, your dog is the best judge. It is now up to you if you want to go along with it and join in on the fun.


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