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Want to hear the new scoop on Justin Bieber?

Posted by Tom Shannon on

Justin Bieber Playing The Piano 

Want to hear the new scoop on Justin Bieber and his fiancee,  Hailey Baldwin? Check out this article from Vanity Fair.

The Capuchin Monkey

It’s interesting how Vanity Fair described Justin as someone who should own a pet (again). Didn’t Justin once own a pet Capuchin monkey he named O.G. Mally that he brought to Germany while he was on tour in 2013? That monkey ended up in a zoo.

If you’re curious how the monkey is doing 5 years later? Check out this article here

If you don't know what a Capuchin monkey looks like, here's a photo of one. 


Capuchin Monkey


Capuchin monkeys are really cute!

As described in the Vanity article, the news is out that Hailey Baldwin is a pet lover dating back to 2015 when she got her parents a Shiba Inu for their 25th-anniversary gift, a Corgi for herself and a photo of what looks like a Husky that she posted on her Instagram Stories.  Hmm, she sounds like someone who loves dogs. 

So, let’s go back to Justin. Who thinks he should own a pet because Hailey loves pets? Please raise your hands.

Why People Would Want To Own A Pet

To help things along, here are some of the reasons:

  1. Companionship
  2. Exercise
  3. Enjoy time in the outdoors
  4. Reduce Stress
  5. Protection

    Ok, we see Justin wanting a pet for companionship and help reduce his stress. After all, the life in the show business is very, very stressful. Paparazzi, anyone?



    The next question we ask is, can he take care of the pet?

    Ahh, Yes.

    This all depends on how you view this subject.

    Certainly, his busy schedule can make it challenging to take care of the pet’s needs like providing for food, water, exercise, and attention especially when he’s on a concert tour.

    To The Rescue

    On the one hand, he can always hire someone! That’s easy, right? Check!


    Hire A Sitter


    Now, we come down to an equally important question.

    Why it’s “important” for Justin to have a pet? Or, is it really important?

    Hmm, let’s just say Justin should own a pet because he could take care of one like any responsible pet owner and it’s something he truly wants to invest his time in.

    A Teaching Moment

    And, maybe this is something that Hailey can teach Justin?


    Girl And Boy With Pet Cat


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