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November 12 is American Fancy Rat and Mouse Day

Posted by Tom Shannon on

November 12 is American Fancy Rat and Mouse Day

November 12 is American Fancy Rat and Mouse Day, a day of tribute to those who love these long-tailed but intelligent creatures.

To many, rats and mice are seen as pests that chew through things and hide inside walls. Few people consider them as suitable house pets. Instead, these little creatures are often portrayed as invasive and destructive. Little known to many, these rodents make excellent pets.

Rats possess intelligence, social skills and preference for cleanliness.According to the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association (AFRMA), an organization founded in 1983 which promotes and encourages the breeding and exhibition of fancy rats and mice, these creatures serve as companion animals with positive qualities. Undeniably, these creatures possess the intelligence, social skills, and preference for cleanliness that few people knew about.

In a 1996 research article by Hank Davis titled, Underestimating the rat's intelligence, rats were found to have cognitive abilities called "intellectual optimal foraging" that allow these creatures to exploit confounding situations and procedural loopholes to their advantage.

In 2018, a writer for the Associated Press recounted a story about a pet rat named Vivi, whom she regarded as a very sweet and affectionate companion that liked to stay clean and enjoyed the companionship of its owner.

Rats make excellent pets that aren't difficult to take care.
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Happy Rat and Mouse Day!


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