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Catnip: The Magical Herb

Posted by Tom Shannon on


If you're a cat lover, catnip is an herb your cat can't get enough of. Here's why.

About Catnip

Nepeta cataria, or catnip is a perennial herb that originated in Europe, the Middle East and Asia such as China. Today, catnip can be grown in nearly every continent from late spring through fall, with the right soil and light conditions, preferably in well-drained soil with full sun exposure.

Why Cats Love Catnip

Why Cats Love Catnip

Catnip contains terpenoid nepetalactone, an essential oil that gives catnip a slight minty scent which attracts and calms most cats.

Uses of Catnip

Catnip has been used for training cats to use travel carriers so that they'll feel more accepting and acclimated to their carrier during transport, as well as, feel calm once inside.

Cat Scratchpost
If you just bought a new litter box or scratching post and your cat wouldn't go near it, try catnip. You'd be surprised by how quickly your cat would be drawn to that amazing looking post and deck-out litter box!


Bath Time


If you ever tried making your cat to like taking baths, you'll know just how frustrating this fun exercise makes you feel. It doesn't work. With catnip, you can now hack your way to making your cat feel less intimidated by adding a little bit of catnip to the warm water. You might be amazed just how catnip work wonders for your cat.

Like their human counterparts, cats also experience stress caused by changes in their environment, such as the introduction of a new pet, child, partner or furniture in the house, or even moving to an entirely new house or neighborhood. Cats can be very sensitive to these changes. Luckily, catnip can be a calming aid to soothe their stress and anxiety to allow them time to adapt to the changes going on.

Time Your Catnip Use

Behavior modification training in cats can be a long and difficult road ahead. With catnip, the less you use the more effective training it might be.

If something stressful is about to happen, time your catnip ahead of time or a few minutes before. This allows your cat some time to mellow down and relax.


Catnip is not just a cat toy. Catnip can be useful in a variety of training exercises and calm stressful situations to make cats happier.


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